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11 Beauty Essentials Every New Mom Needs Right Now

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

My new beauty mantra? Less is more. Make it count!

Around week 38 of my pregnancy, I was losing my mind. I'd been having severe Braxton Hicks contractions for two weeks and was ready to get that baby out, come hell or high water.

So I did what EVERYONE says to... I walked it out. A trek through the mall not only got me on my feet, it provided some much-needed retail therapy. But what to buy? I was up to my eyeballs in baby clothes already and I certainly wasn't going to buy myself anything new at my present size. So, I hit Sephora.

The products I bought that day helped me feel good about myself and my skin, even as most self-care went straight out the window in those early newborn weeks.

This post is not sponsored in any way shape or form, so what I'm giving you here are the honest-to-goodness tips and products I swear by.

And if you're not in the market to hit the shops yourself, I've included trusty Amazon Prime links for all that good ish. Enjoy!



Dry Shampoo

Drybar's Triple Sec may just be my favorite hair product of all time, even before pregnancy. The scent is delicious (even if you haven't showered for days) and it not only freshens up your hair, it also gives a little va-va-volume and texture. Buy the big size, buy the travel size, buy a spare. You'll use it all and still be scrambling for more.

Root Touch-Up Powder

This product SAVED. MY. SANITY. when my hair started falling out by the fistful. Around my third month postpartum, my hair volume thinned by about half and when I pulled it back in a ponytail, I had bald spots on my hairline that resembled cat ears above my temples. It was HORRIFYING.

I dabbed StyleEdit's root touch-up binding powder along my balding areas, working from the back towards the front of my hairline, much like how I would fill in my eyebrows, and it made all the difference in the world. (I also started taking a Biotin supplement to help promote hair growth, and it seems to have helped.)

Oh, and if you color your hair regularly -- it may be a while before you get back to the salon.



Healing Balm

Whether it's you or the baby, The Honest Company's organic all-purpose balm really is a cure-all. Use it on eczema, chapped skin, sensitive skin, or whatever ails ye. I really do find new uses for it every day.

Compression Shapewear

I can't rave Belly Bandit's MotherTucker line highly enough. The leggings and nursing tank will become staples in your fourth trimester wardrobe and beyond. And for my c-section mamas, I have heard wonderful things about their recovery undies.

Hand Sanitizer

Among all the scientifically proven changes to a new mom's brain, I'm convinced that germ hyperawareness is one. I never thought twice about hand sanitizer, but now I can't get enough of the stuff -- and I'll offer it up to anyone that wants to hold Everly. I love that The Honest Company has an easy-access spray bottle version and always keep one in the easy-to-reach side pocket of our diaper bag. I also recently discovered these lavender hand cleansing wipes and I can't get enough of them.



Eye Cream

When that lack of sleep hits, you are going to want the strongest eye cream you can find. I've been keeping Fresh black tea age-delay eye concentrate by my sink, dabbing it on morning and night. It takes two seconds to do, even with a screaming baby, and feels like the tiniest little indulgence in myself and my beauty -- especially when I need to venture outside the house and brave the real world.

Tinted Lip Balm

Again, Fresh to the rescue with their Sugar lip treatment in Rose. I keep it in the diaper bag and put it on when we're out and about. It's the perfect put together but not trying too hard shade.

Complexion Rescue

Let's face it: your daily beauty routine is going to change tremendously. Less is more, so make it count! bareMinerals' Complexion Rescue tinted hydrating gel cream has replaced foundation as my new cover-all. It's got SPF 30 and very subtly smooths out my imperfections. It takes only a few seconds to apply and is so sheer that I never worry about it looking uneven.

Lash Primer

No matter how naturally beautiful your lashes are, we could all use a little boost. Sticking with my new put together but not trying too hard aesthetic, I found Benefit's They're Real tinted primer matches my natural lash color while giving them just a hint of extra length and volume. If you need to go bigger, layer your own go-to mascara on top.


THIS is where you want to pull out the big guns. There's no erasing those dark circles, but you can minimize them with a powerful concealer. I use Mac's Studio Finish.

Exfoliant, Cleanser and Moisturizer

This is technically three things, but it all goes down in one routine so I'm bundling them together.

I may not have time to indulge in regular facials, so I opt to splurge on quality products that I can use at home. For twice daily use, I love Kate Somerville's Exfolikate cleanser and Glow moisturizer. And when I need a real good scrub, it doesn't get better than Goldfaden MD's Doctor's Scrub. (I mean, honestly, with that name.)


OK, now I need to go wash my face. Happy glamming! And help a sister out by sharing your own tried-and-true beauty faves on the 'gram.


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