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Baby Got Back(ache): 5 Tips to Save Your Spine (GUEST COLUMN by Astrid Swan)

In addition to stretching and exercising, I also use this "Tush Baby" belt/seat for extra support when holding Everly around the house.

When I was five months pregnant, I received a pitch to interview celebrity fitness guru Astrid Swan. She was also five months pregnant with her first child, a baby girl.

I considered it meant to be.

At the time, she took me through a series of key workout moves for expectant mamas. We exchanged numbers, followed each other on social media and went on our ways. Her daughter, Larrin, was born in early August -- 11 days before Everly.

Two months later, Ev and I are sitting in our very first Mommy & Me class session in Hollywood. Who walks in? Astrid and Larrin! Again, meant to be.

Astrid has been such a wonderful friend and support system over the past year - specifically, helping me through all those new mama aches and pains. I thought my back hurt during pregnancy (it totally did), but little did I know what was coming my way.

So, after tweaking my neck and back several times in my first months of being a mama (once while driving -- so scary!) I asked Astrid for help.

Read on for her five go-to moves to save your back post-baby! If you dig it, check out Astrid's brand new pre- and post-natal approved 36-week program, LIFT FOR LIFE: train like a mother, for all this and then some.

I can personally attest that she works out regularly with her baby -- and she'll get you back in those pre-pregnancy jeans, guaranteed.




Oh, the giant, heavy boobs; the hunched position to feed the baby a bootle or the boob; bending over the crib 1000 times a day…. Back pain! Moves to make sure baby got back are very important in helping the posture and alleviating the pain.

Getting back into fitness postpartum should be taken slow and with proper form.  The following moves can be done anywhere and anytime.  

I recommend doing these exercises in a circuit of three rounds.   

1. Glute Bridges

Start lying on your back with knees bent, feet hip width apart.  

Lift hips up into a bridge position squeezing glutes and hamstrings.  

Lower down slowly, vertebrae by vertebrae.  

Do 20 reps.  

*Be sure not to lift so high that you hyperextend your back.  You should feel your glutes fire as well as feel a nice stretch through the back as you lower back to starting position.*

2. Cat Cow + Bird Dog

Start on all fours: hands under shoulders and knees under hips.  

Arch back, lifting chest and neck, letting your stomach release “cow."

Pull belly button up before you round spine, tuck chin in “cat” position.  

Do four cat cows and then return to neutral spine.  

Extend right arm straight out in line with shoulder as you extend left leg straight back in Bird Dog.  

Hold for a count of four, squeezing glutes and upper back.  

Switch to opposite side and continue switching doing four each side.  

Return back to cat cow and continue the set for a total of 10 reps. 

3. Push ups to Arm Reach 

*Push ups are all about proper form.* 

Start in a top plank position and lower knees to the floor.  

Keep core engaged and hips tucked.  

Lower body down in one level bringing chest down to the floor.  

Press through the hands to push back up to starting position and raise one arm up.

Alternate arms each time.  

Do 10 reps. 

4. Super Woman Push-Pull 

Start laying on your stomach with arms extended out.  

Keep your chin tucked and although you are laying on your stomach, engage your abs.

Lift arms up and legs up, squeeze your back and pull elbows down to a 90-degree bend.

Press arms back straight and lower down.

Continue lifting up in Super Woman position for 20 reps.  

5. Child's Pose 

Sit back in child's pose and breathe for 30 seconds before repeating circuit again! 


Now, kick your booty into gear and check out Astrid and Jenn Glysson's 36 week program, LIFT FOR LIFE: train like a mother, at


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