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Beachy and Blue Maternity Photo Shoot for Baby Boy: See the Full Session

Blue is my color.

Ironically, while pink is my favorite on most everything, I've always felt that I look my best in a deep shade of navy blue. When I found out we would be welcoming a little boy to our family, there were two things I envisioned immediately:

1. A cool, modern "Sea + Sky" themed nursery.

2. A beach-set maternity shoot with a long, navy blue dress.

Priorities, right?!

Once I was in my second trimester, I reached out to my go-to photographer here in Los Angeles, Alicia Chandler, to set up a session right around 30 weeks. I've found that for many mamas, and certainly myself, that tends to be the timing sweet spot when the belly is growing nice and round -- but the pounds haven't quite packed on everywhere else yet.

I wanted to feel full of life... but not necessarily a full-sized baby. Not for these photos, anyway!

We chose to shoot at the same beach where my husband and I took our engagement photos five years ago: El Matador Beach in Malibu, California. While it was a winter day in January, the SoCal weather gods were on our side with mild temps in the 60s. Still, I love the seasonally moody aesthetic here -- it feels like a west coast winter, but with no signs of needing a jacket.

I loved having Everly be a part of our photos this time around. We worked with the same photographer from my pregnancy shoot with Everly in 2018, so it was really nice to have some parallels in the style of how these were captured. Some of my favorites are the images that focus on our hands and the belly, leaving our faces largely out of the frame.

Fashion Credits:

I'm wearing PinkBlush Maternity's Navy Blue Lace Mesh Overlay Maternity Maxi Dress.

If anyone cares, Mike's shirt is by Club Room. (#DadStyle)

My goal was to create a timeless blue color story without being too matchy-matchy! I love how the light and dark solids balance each other, with little Everly's stripes pulling it all together.

Fun Fact: Everly hates sand on her feet. I couldn't resist these snaps of her pulling some acrobatic moves to keep her tootsies up in the air.


How about a throwback?

Here's Mike and I on the same beach in the spring of 2015, just after we had gotten engaged.

Time flies, y'all.


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