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Colton's First Haircut! 5-Month-Old's Before and After Transformation (PICS + VIDEO)

Never had I ever seen an infant more in need of a haircut.

When I was 37 weeks pregnant, the ultrasound tech at my OB's office remarked to me - "Oh, wow. He's got long hair!" There it was, right on the screen, floating freely in a peaceful pool of amniotic fluid.

After he was born, I could count on the first two things out of anyone's mouth, without fail: "That HAIR!" and "Those LIPS!"

My boy, how precious you are!

One of the first things I noticed when holding him in my arms was how his little hair was already growing past the tops of his ears, and I thought that "Baby's First Haircut' could be coming much sooner than his first birthday.

After months of deliberation and wondering whether I could safely bring him to a salon, or whether I'd be attending the hairdressing school of YouTube to do an at-home quarantine cut, myself, we booked an appointment at The Yellow Balloon in Studio City, Los Angeles just after Colton hit five months. It was TIME.

What hooked me on this place was seeing online that they had been open for 40+ years and, more importantly, that it was the kind of salon that brought parents and kids back for literally generations. Multiple reviews stated, "I had my first haircut here, and today I brought my baby in for theirs!" Even without a family history in this city ourselves, I knew that was the kind of place I wanted our young family to be a part of.

Colton did a great job sitting quietly in my lap for the 20-minute haircut. We sat outside in the parking lot, under a tent, while stylist Shannon worked her magic on his wildly uneven locks.

See some before and after shots below, and follow along on the day in our vlog! Please don't forget to give the video a "thumbs up" and hit that "SUBSCRIBE" button.


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