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Everly's 'Two Wild' Birthday Party! Inside the Sweet & Small Celebration With Her Birthday Twin

When we met Shannon and Ryan at a birthing class in June 2018, we never thought we'd see them again.

Mike, per usual, was wearing a jacket with Steelers insignia when we arrived at Cedars-Sinai that morning, prompting a conversation with Ryan -- a Pittsburgh native. We learned that his wife, Shannon, and I were due one week apart. We sat together for a meal in the cafeteria, exchanged information and went our separate ways at the end of the day.

They lived on the west side and us, in the valley. Angelenos know the struggle.

Ryan, Mike, Shannon and Sophie, Steelers vs. Chargers, 2019

About two months later, I was in my hospital recovery room with newborn Everly when I hear Mike say, "Oh, hey man!" from the hallway. My husband is many wonderful things, but social butterfly isn't one of them. I couldn't possibly imagine who he had found out there.

It was Ryan! Shannon had delivered her son, Parker, the very same day. And so, the "Birthday Twins" were born. (And we are STILL kicking ourselves for not taking a photo of them together in the hospital that day.)

Parker and Everly, Dec. 2018

Shannon and I talked every day throughout that hazy fourth trimester and when the babies were two months old, we joined a Mommy & Me group together. We spent almost every week having lunch with Everly and Parker throughout their first year and, as they grew, continued to share regular playdates around the city into their second year -- from the zoo to museums, playgrounds and pools. In fact, when COVID locked us down in March, they were some of the last people we saw before quarantine.

So when the time came to plan our babies' COVID birthdays, we abandoned dreams of Disneyland and found a cute house to rent in Oceanside, San Diego. Complete with a beautiful pool, putting green, game room and plenty of space for our growing families, we enjoyed a perfect weekend together safely ringing in Everly and Parker's second birthday.

Everly's First Birthday Party, Aug. 2019

And because we can't help ourselves, we had to add a little extra fun with a zoo theme and lots of special details to make it feel like a proper party.

I captured all the special moments on video for this weeks' vlog. Check it out below and please remember to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE. Keep scrolling for a photo album with more from the birthday bash!


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