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Halloween at Home in 2020: Toddler Fun With Anna and Olaf

If there's one thing I learned about Everly this year, it's that she's definitely a Halloween girl.

From the moment I pulled out my seasonal box of spooky decor this fall, she's been ALL. OVER. IT. She stole every decorative pumpkin and "spooky ghost" she could find, stuck googly eyes all over everything, and visited two pumpkin patches in the month of October. Not to mention, she's always had it bad for "kitty meow meows." She worships them.

The girl's a basic witch. I dig it.

I wanted to be sure that even though this pandemic would be keeping us from trick or treating this year, she still had a special day. What made it even more fun was the fact that Daddy had just returned home from the east coast after a three week trip involving a positive COVID test. (Ugh. If you're not caught up, get filled in on the story here.)

Ev carved pumpkins with Daddy, decorated cookies with Mommy, dug into a very special basket of goodies and dressed up like her favorite Disney character, Queen Anna from Frozen. (You read that right. I somehow have the only kid in the world who does not prefer Elsa.)

Since we knew Everly would be in full Anna gear, it was only fitting that our little butterball baby Colton dress up as Olaf the snowman. Unfortunately, Shop Disney doesn't make an official costume for the character and all the knockoffs looked silly, in my opinion. So if he was going to look silly anyway, I figured I might as well roll up my sleeves for a good old fashioned MOM DIY, complete with hot glue and felt.

The end result was mildly creepy and MAJORLY ADORABLE. (Shoutout to Crazy Little Projects for the guidance.)

For us grownups, the highlight of the day was a visit from our (COVID negative) friends, Jason and Rae, aka Getaway Couple.

Follow along on our crazy day(s) -- we had to go for round two the next day... I explain why in the video -- on YouTube and please LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE to my page. It really is helpful and makes a difference in the success of the channel, and I thank you for the support. <3 <3 <3

I'm also including photos to click through below. Enjoy!


Mom Needs Merlot

P.S. One more thing before I let you go. If you're in the Los Angeles area, the adorable cookie kit I use with Everly is from @Baker_Rhi. She also made the cookies for Everly's first birthday party and is all-around AMAZING. Please check her out! (Even if you're not local, her Instagram page is full of gorgeous and mouth watering eye candy.)


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