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How to Be a Surrogate: A Gestational Carrier Tells All

File this one under: fascinating topics in parenting.

Surrogacy is becoming an increasingly popular (and normalized, thanks in large part to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) way for families to grow when, for whatever reason, a mother is unable to sustain a healthy pregnancy on her own. Enter: a surrogate or gestational carrier, who is hired to carry and deliver a baby for the family.

In the latest installment of Mom Needs Merlot's "Real Talk," in which I dive real deep into little-discussed parenting topics, I'm interviewing Lauren Keiffer. She's a two-time gestational carrier, currently carrying in the time of COVID. She's also one of my best friends from college.

One of the qualities that I love about Lauren is that she's the epitome of an open book. In our chat, she tells all about her experience as a surrogate and educates on everything from compensation (yes, she does get paid), to the science behind the process, and the emotional factor of carrying another family's baby. It's a topic that I find to be wildly compelling and I hope that you'll enjoy our conversation!

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