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How To Dress an Awkward Baby Bump

Burrito baby or Baby-baby? That is the first (and often second) trimester question.

You've made it through the morning sickness, and you've clued in all your nearest and dearest... but if you're anything like me, it'll be a while before your adorable, round bump is fully on display.

Cue the fashion crisis. Especially when you've got somewhere important to be.

True story: My pants stopped fitting comfortably around week 10 of pregnancy. Hair ties around the buttons on my jeans and tunic shirts were my best friends. And the barrage of well-intentioned "OMG, you don't even LOOK pregnant!" comments drove me up a damn wall. (I felt huge.)

So, what did I do? I turned to chic celebrities to figure out how the heck to dress the bitty -- but rapidly growing -- bump. And I did it while on the clock at ET.

Take a look back at some of my favorite maternity fashion moments from stars like Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Alba, Lauren Akins and Serena Williams in the video below and feast your eyes on even more delicious bumps here.

P.S. Pro Tip: If you're planning to take professional maternity photos, aim for week 30 of pregnancy. Your belly will likely be prominent and round, but that third trimester puffiness won't have kicked in quite yet.


Mom Needs Merlot

My belly at 30 weeks. Photos by Alicia Chandler.

Dress by ASOS. (I ripped it on the way to our session. Oops.)

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