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Everly Is the Ultimate Grinch in All Our Family Photos

These were just too good not to share.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that Everly is almost always happy to flash a grin for the camera. Not, apparently, when that lens is focused on our family as a whole.

Behold, our first-ever family Christmas photo -- captured in late 2018, when Everly was not quite four months old.

All photos in this post captured by Alicia Chandler.

Flash forward to this year, where despite our best efforts and those of our photographer (and even her spunky young daughter), Everly, now 15 months old, still refused to crack a smile. Or even give a single f**k about what we were trying to accomplish that afternoon.


But these rocks are OK.

There are so many more where these came from, including some where she is flailing herself to the ground in an effort break free. Eventually, we just had to get on her level.

If you think this is because we forced a photo shoot upon our child agains her will... you may be right. BUT, look what happened after mom and dad stepped out of the frame.

Baby girl does not like to share her spotlight.

To be fair, we did manage to capture ONE singular family photo where she had inadvertently cracked a smile

I, of course, ruined it with my dumb face.

That's showbiz, baby.


On a serious note, I hope that you and yours had a happy holiday season, and are feeling refreshed and rejuvenated as you tackle the year ahead! We had a mellow Christmas at home and loved every minute of it.

As I look ahead to the coming year, I'm excited about many new opportunities for growth. (Not least of which includes welcoming a new baby!)

If you're not already, please consider subscribing to this site (just scroll to the bottom of this page to enter your email addy!) and my channel on YouTube. I look forward to sharing so much more with you in the months ahead!


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