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11 New Mom and Baby Gift Ideas That She'll Actually Love

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

"E" is for "Everly" (Necklace by David Yurman)

Forget the frozen casserole, there are so many other thoughtful and practical gift ideas that will have any new mom feeling the love.

I've compiled a list here of some real-life personal and fan favorites to fit any budget and any type of mom.

My faves? No. 7, No. 8 and No. 11. Happy gifting!

1. Postmates Gift Card

The option to eat out may be off the table for a little while, but Mama's still got to eat. Allowing her to choose something fresh or indulgent from her favorite restaurant is the ultimate treat -- and convenience.

2. A Home-Cooked Meal (and Company!)

In case you missed the memo, FOOD is the best way to care for any Mom going through the fourth trimester. If you're planning to stop by for a visit, bring or cook a meal and stay to eat it together. While you're there...

3. Run an Errand or Complete a Chore

...Ask Mama what you can help with around the house -- and don't take "nothing" for an answer. Chances are, she won't initially want to accept for your help.

If you're not sure what she needs, here are a few hints: dishes, laundry and changing bedsheets. Check on her pets, too, if she has them.

Target runs are always welcome. Shoot her a text and say you're picking up a few essentials, ask what she needs restocked.

While you're at it, see if she'd like to take a nap. This all depends on the closeness of your relationship, so use your best judgement. Some Mamas won't feel comfortable sleeping with their new baby in another room, while others will gladly take the break.

4. Deep Cleaning

Give the gift of a deep clean by hiring a housekeeper to come do the dirty work for her.

5. Starbucks Gift Cards

...Or just bring her the java. Sleep deprivation is real.

6. Luna Bars

My blood type is Lemon Zest.

7. Something Personalized

Two of my favorite gifts from when Everly was born are an "E" initial pendant necklace from David Yurman (pictured above) and a name bar bracelet from Charles and Colvard with Everly's name engraved. It's a sweet way to carry the babe with you everywhere you go.

The good news is, you can find pretty much anything at any price point with an initial on it.

8. Loungewear

Cozy is key in those first few months with a new baby, and I found myself shocked at how few nursing appropriate pajamas I actually owned. A few of my favorite new addition were cozy joggers from Gap (sized up) and sleep shirts with buttons.

I also love the sweet mommy and me sets from Roller Rabbit. (Everly and I rock the matching pink monkey print.)

9. Baby Prints

As it turns out, many hospitals don't actually ink your baby's sweet hand and footprints at birth. You can buy a no-mess, touchless ink pad on Amazon and help Mom get those prints logged in a baby book ASAP. (It's truly a two person job. And FYI, the handprints ALWAYS look like a mess. Embrace it.)

10. Baby Fashun

If you're a sucker for tiny baby things, you can't go wrong with a Monica + Andy baby romper, Freshly Picked moccasins, and, for the little ladies, a Baby Bling classic knot headband (or two).

11. Champagne

Need I say more?

What's the best gift you gave or received post-baby?


Mom Needs Merlot

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