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2020 Gift Guide for Mamas

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Looking for the best gifts to give the tireless mamas in your life? Below, I've curated my top picks for the season (and everyday) across all budgets, with a special emphasis on supporting small businesses and pieces that will stand the test of time.

I hope you love them as much as I do! xx

P.S. There's a code for FREE WINE at the bottom of this post. (This is not a drill.) Keep scrolling!


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To Wear

Mommy + Colton, just home from the hospital

Organic Lounge Robe, $65-80

I love Monica + Andy for the babes and was thrilled when they started offering lounge options for mamas. My favorite item, by far, is this robe: it's neutral, customizable, a perfect weight for any season, not-too-long and not-too-short, and the sash (which is sewn in to the robe so you never lose it... SO clutch!) is placed just-so for a perfect fit during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

Image courtesy of elfin

Hand Embroidered Custom Sweatshirt, $68-82

Customize this trendy piece with "Mama," her kids' names or initials, a nickname, and so much more! (Bonus: Matchy-matchy options also available for littles. Everything made in Los Angeles!)

The black sweatshirt runs $68 or choose one of six tie-dye colorways for $82.

Shop here (tie-dye):

Image courtesy of Nordstrom

Fluff Yeah Slingback Sandal, $99.95

I just can't stand how stinkin' cute the toddler versions of UGG's Fluff Yeah sandal are. So, obviously, this is a mommy + me match made in heaven. Treat 'yo feet, ladies.

Image courtesy of Nordstrom

"Fun Mom" Dad Hat, $30

Hook her up with some mom culture chic for those days when the dry shampoo just isn't cutting it.


To Accessorize

Image courtesy of elfin

Mama Market Bag, $68

Support a small biz and match your babe with this sweet bag (and the mini version). A perfect, chic option for the everyday haul and beyond.

Image courtesy of Little Words Project

Little Words Bracelet, $20-30

Boy Mom, Girl Mom, Fur Mom or just plain MAMA, there's a Little Words Project bead bracelet for any mom.

The brand also offers totally customizable options (think kids' names or special messages) and general affirmations. ("Badass," anyone?!)

Join the #NiceGirlGang and choose the mantra that speaks to you -- or order several for a stack! I love a mix-and-match set with kids' names and "Boy Mom," "Girl Mom" or "Mama."

Image courtesy of Nordstrom

Mama Shaker Necklace, $58

Simply put: It's the perfect stocking stuffer. You cannot possibly go wrong with this dainty, everyday piece in silver or gold.

Image courtesy of Brittany Zielinski

Breastmilk Jewelry, prices vary

For a nursing mama, consider a one-of-a-kind piece to commemorate her journey.

There are many women-owned businesses that will create stunning jewelry using YOUR very own breastmilk, placenta, baby's umbilical cord, a loved one's ashes, or baby's first curl. I've linked two of my favorite creators below and recommend ordering a gift card, so each mama can choose her own piece and the endless variations that come with each one. For something so personal, it's the right way to do it!

(Also: turnaround time for the finished piece can take several months, between shipping your milk to the maker and production of the item itself.)

Image courtesy of Drishti Handmade

Birthstone Stacking Rings, $34 & up

Mix and match these cool stackers for everyone in the family!

Or, select a custom piece with all the birthstones in one special ring.

Image courtesy of Freshly Picked

Classic Vegan Leather Bag, $50 & Up

***ON SALE***

The ultimate in Mom-Friendly bags, Freshly Picked has options from classic diaper bags to park packs and beyond. Countless colors and patterns make these a classic for everday.

Shop their sale with tons of beautiful options, below!



Image courtesy of Amazon

Pocket Printer, $99.95

Take your photos from your phone to your hand in an instant. These bluetooth connected pocket printers are perfect for updating baby books, adding a little personalized snap inside thank you and birthday cards, or just adding to the fridge.

I'm linking two similarly-priced options below.

The Fujifilm Instax option will print photos in its signature style with a white border. Aesthetically, I do enjoy those types of photos for my own personal prints at home.

But the Polaroid option is great because each photo comes out with a peel-off sticky back, making them perfect for adding to scrapbooks on the fly -- or anywhere you want to stick a photo!

Echo Show, $229

This is my favorite tool in the kitchen. Here's why...

In addition to Alexa's usual bells and whistles (setting timers while cooking, playing music, etc.), the Echo Show also allows you to quickly and easily find and follow recipes right on screen. ("Alexa, show me recipes for chicken and potatoes." "Alexa, show me recipes for the best pumpkin pie.")

It also shows trending news headlines and weather updates throughout the day (v. helpful as a busy mom) and the newest version (pictured here) allows for video calls (v. helpful in a pandemic).

10/10 highly recommend!

Image courtesy of Amazon

U-Turn Audio Record Player, $309

Turn up the vibes in your house with a little vinyl.

Don't forget to include a few records under the tree! My picks would include: Taylor Swift's "Lover," Little Big Town's "Nightfall" and the Hamilton Mixtape.


Self Care

Image courtesy of Amazon

Tarot Cards, $16.59

Encourage her to try a new (pandemic) hobby! This tarot deck comes highly recommended for beginners as they learn the art of tarot reading. Don't forget to pair it with some crystals! (My favorite is rose quartz... in the form of jewelry. *wink*) Much of the guidance about beginning to learn the tarot deck can be found online, but you can also give her a book to get started.

Image courtesy of Nordstrom

Image courtesy of Nordstrom

Crafting Kits, prices vary

Knitting, it's not just for Grandma!

Consider another hobby to bring her some zen (and take her mind off the state of the world). The Crafter's Box offers individual kits for a one-time project (knitting, leather, quilting, stained glass, and SO. MUCH. MORE.) or memberships for those looking to try something new with materials and lessons from a skilled artist each month.


Image courtesy of Farmhouse Fresh

Fluffy Bunny Hand Cream, $15

This lush cream smells like a total dream and helps keeps hands cared for when those professional manicures just aren't happening quite like they used to. #2020

Image courtesy of Farmhouse Fresh

Lustre Drench Instant Glow Dry Body Oil, $31

Radiance in a bottle. This sublime body oil is perfect for that mama who is dreaming of Mai Tai's and a sunkissed vacation on the beach.

The wanderlust is SO. REAL.

Image courtesy of Little Nomad

Mommy + Me Yoga Mats, $79-129

Whether she's raising a little yogi, or her zen is a little more "Mommy" and a little less "Mini," these mats from Little Nomad are absolutely divine. Go solo with one for Mom or bundle for a Mommy + Me set.


For Home & Kitchen

Everly's "Night Sky" print pictured behind us

The Night Sky Print, $50 & up

*On SALE for 20% off*

Memorialize an unforgettable night with these beautiful prints. We have one from each of our children's births, but they also make wonderful mementos from weddings, meet-cutes and more.

A wedding gift for my in-laws, last year

Cross-Stitch Family Portrait, $30

These. Are. SO. CUTE! If you're looking for *the* most thoughtful, personal gift, this is it. Each handmade piece is totally customizable, down to the smallest details -- from the wardrobe, to hobbies, pets, text and so much more. Just provide a family photo or two for reference and keep in touch with the maker about additional inclusions! Make sure to order early, allow plenty of time for turnaround, and get ready for some major kudos.

Image courtesy of Stasher

Stasher Bundle Kit, $86.99

Go green with a set from Stasher Bags, which will all but eliminate your need for single use baggies and plastic wrap. These are dishwasher safe, but be sure to follow Stasher on Instagram for all the tips and tricks to keep your new bags clean, dry and smelling fresh.

Image courtesy of Our Place

The Always Pan, $145

*On SALE for $90*

Consider me influenced. I totally found this on the 'gram, but boy am I glad I did! This pan is the stuff kitchen dreams are made of and it's safe to say I've found my new go-to gift for all my favorite grown ups.

Not only does it look beautiful, it's nonstick ceramic and, in terms of function, can replace eight pieces of standard cookware. Plus, it has a built in spatula holder.

Our Place, the Los Angeles-based company behind this genius, is focused on giving back to the community through investing in ethical labor, sourcing responsible materials and working with the LA Food Policy Council.

Save $20 by ordering from the link below and don't wait -- this pan will sell out quick.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Ninja Speciality Coffee Maker, $129

Motherhood: Powered by Love, Fueled by Coffee, Sustained by Wine. (More on that later.)

Fuel her up with not just any coffee maker, but one that has all the bells and whistles (including a fold away frother for milk) to brew up lattes, macchiatos and cappuccinos, iced coffee and more in six different size options (single cup to carafe and everything in between.)

Image courtesy of Amazon

YETI Mug, $24.98

This brings me to my next point: Moms need hot coffee!

That running joke about how a mom's coffee is somehow always cold? It's not a joke. Help her keep her go-go juice piping hot for hours while she chases littles around (that lid on the YETI will undoubtedly save the day at some point).

Image courtesy of Amazon

YETI Wine Tumbler, $24.98

While we're on the subject, you might as well also hook up her wine habit.


Wine Subscription Service, $39/month and up

Lastly, make sure to FILL HER CUP literally and metaphorically. Wine helps.

I have a subscription to Winc, which ships about 3-5 bottles right to my door each month. I typically opt to choose my own wines, but you can also have their experts make choices on your behalf. After trying and rating different wines, the site will make suggestions and give you feedback on what you like and what you don't.

It's not the only wine in our fridge, but it certainly helps to keep us stocked up. I am loving learning more about my own palate and preferences.

Receive a $22 shopping credit on the house when you order from the link below. My treat!


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