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Baby's First Christmas! Inside Everly's Sweet and Surprising Celebration

Last Christmas was a quiet celebration. I was six weeks pregnant -- excited and scared. I remember hopefully but cautiously imagining that by next Christmas, we could have a four-month-old baby.

Now here with are with our beautiful four-month-old girl, celebrating her very first Christmas. We spent the holiday in Palm Springs with my parents, five dogs -- and one rocking unicorn.

The Big Surprise

I definitely expected Everly's first Christmas to be a low key one. There wasn't a gift in the world that could top the beautiful little bundle we'd already received, and I certainly didn't think Everly would understand or enjoy any gifts.

The former: absolutely true, now and forever.

The latter: Whoa, I was wrong!

Everly's grandparents surprised her (and us) with this plush, personalized unicorn from Pottery Barn Kids and as we pulled it out of the box, her face lit up. She bounced around, waved her hands and couldn't wait to get her hands on it. Just look at that sweet face! I can't.

The Gifts

Earlier this month, my husband and I exchanged gifts in a quiet little celebration at home in Los Angeles. Everly's very first gift from Santa was a small Penelope the Flamingo doll from Cuddle + Kind. Though she's not old enough to understand or appreciate it quite yet, I hope to make it a tradition with a new Cuddle + Kind doll every year. (If you aren't familiar, they are a wonderful, socially-conscious company definitely worth checking out.)

Everly did have a major appreciation for this rattle and teether toy, which she absolutely loves to grab, gum on and investigate. It was one of the developmentally appropriate toys I put on Everly's Amazon Wishlist in an effort to point friends and family members toward items and gifts that our baby girl can actually use. (And, selfishly on our part, to minimize the colorful clutter that will inevitably take over our home.)

I couldn't help listing several of the Little People, Big Dreams books to fill out her bookshelf. I love sharing stories of strong, smart and powerful women with her, and I hope that they will help her realize and reach for her own big dreams as she grows. So far, she's learning about Amelia Earhart, Audrey Hepburn and Mother Teresa.

As for Grandma, she couldn't help filling Everly's stocking with a DVD of her holiday favorite, The Snowman. (Although if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can stream it for free! It's animated and mostly dialogue-free -- set just to music. Perfect for little ones.)

The Stocking

Speaking of Ev's stocking -- how sweet is this luxe velvet embroidered one from Pottery Barn Kids? I love that it is covered with different textures, along with a jingle bell to ring as she gets a bit older. For now, she is content to chew on the plush fabric. (In case you haven't already figured it out, I Stan for PBK.)

The Celebration

I'm not going to lie, most days with a baby feel about the same. Sleeping in is not an option and if you're exclusively breastfeeding, a champagne buzz isn't happening either. (Womp womp.)

As Everly still refuses to take a full feeding from a bottle, I spent much of the day in and out of my parents' guest room to feed her.

But, hey, I can't complain about all those extra Christmas cookies I ate because of it. Bring on the butter!

All in all, we spent a relaxing few days together. With much of our extended family on the east coast, there was no big get-together or pressure to make the rounds to different parties. We were just able to get a little change of scenery and indulge in awesome food while I'm soaking in my final days of maternity leave with my girl.

As usual, I was ready to call it an early night (knowing I'd be up again soon to feed her). But before saying goodnight, my husband and I reveled in the excitement over the Christmases to come, watching Everly grow and learn to appreciate the magic of the season.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


Mom Needs Merlot

My dress is Dolan from Anthropologie and Everly's in Baby Gap.

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