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Our Summer '21 Kickoff in Cape Cod: The Good, The Bad + The BEACH

Summer 2021 hits different.

One of the big reasons we moved back to the east coast was to be closer to friends and family, and with so many of us happily vaccinated and ready to return to some normalcy, we were so excited to be able to share this past week with my in-laws in Cape Cod.

It marked a few "firsts" for Colton, including his first lobster roll at Sesuit Harbor, his first time meeting Great Grandma and his first time at the beach. He was a BIG FAN of all three, but top of the list was definitely his first visit to Corporation Beach (same as Everly's first beach day in 2019!)... he loooooved it! 10/10 recommend.

The weather was not too cold or too hot, with a nice breeze and just a bit of sun. Somehow, Mike and I both walked away with a touch of sunburn on our backs - but thankfully, the kids were spared. Colton had the time of his life crab-walking around in the sand and exploring the sea water, and Everly was radiating pure joy running laps around all the adults. It was absolutely one of those precious memories you want to bottle up and keep in your heart and mind forever.

That, and seeing strawberry ice cream dripping down Everly's face at Smuggler's -- Mike's favorite haunt from his own childhood visits to the Cape. (I got the chocolate peanut butter... OMG. So good.) Everly was so looking forward to getting her own pink cone and it did not disappoint!

We also let Colton have his own scoop of chocolate chip ice cream (yolo, etc.). Buuut, I'm not sure it was worth it. He gobbled it down, and then spent the whole night fussing.

The main reason for our trip was to celebrate my sister-in-law's baby shower in Boston. Everly joined the girls for a beautiful afternoon lunch on an outdoor patio and loved every moment of her special "big girl" time. The highlight, though, was probably eating a chocolate cupcake and sitting on Uncle Kev's lap. (Many sweets were indeed had on this trip.)

But if you asked the kids what they loved most about the visit, I'd venture to guess it was their new wheels. Grandma and Grandpa spoiled them with a (certified pre-owned) Barbie-pink Jeep and "Crazy Coupe" from a neighbor's yard sale. Seeing them cruising around the backyard together was the stuff family summer dreams are made of.

In the spirit of keeping it real, I'd be remiss to leave out some of the other side of traveling with toddlers, which includes (but is not limited to): a six-hour road trip each way with lots of iPad time, wonky sleep arrangements, skipped naps, bedtime battles, picky eating, tantrums and clinginess. We had a great time, and I love sharing photos of the beautiful memories we'll keep, but, to quote one of my wise fellow toddler mama friends: "I think perfect vacations may be behind us for a while." Please remember that perfectly filtered photos never tell the whole story -- but I personally hope that someday they remind me of the beautiful, messy and chaotic memories behind them.

Wishing you and yours a beautifully imperfect summer, my loves.



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