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Mom Needs Merlot...

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Merlot, Malbec, Chardonnay or Champagne - I love it all. And while a high quality vino is one of my favorite things, hearing my baby’s giggles is truly THE best kind of buzz.

(But sometimes you just need a wine buzz, too.)

I’m a new mama to baby girl Everly and already I’ve seen how our journeys through motherhood can be wildly, beautifully different. I'm incredibly grateful to the tribe of mothers both IRL and on Insta that have offered support, words of encouragement and advice (only when asked for, OBVI) in my first few months on the mom job.

With a glass (or bottle) in hand, follow along as I explore what it means to be a mama today, sharing my own experiences and adventures -- the good, the bad and the messy -- in motherhood.

I hope that together we can build a judgement-free community of moms and babes along the way. Because isn’t Mom-ing better with (drinking) buddies?!

From maternity leave to #MomLife in the real world, Everly and I are figuring this whole thing out as we go -- but never forget to "Mom" your own way.

XO, Mom Needs Merlot 

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