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The Ultimate Baby Registry: Everything I Love (and Covet) on Amazon

You're expecting! Congratulations!

You're gonna need a lot of s**t.

First thing's first, I cannot recommend an Amazon baby registry highly enough. Not only can you find (almost) everything you'll need, but they offer a completion discount on items that aren't gifted -- which you can use on some of those big ticket, pricey items like high-end strollers -- and they have great perks and freebies as your due date approaches. (I got a decent haul of diapers and wipes for FREE from mine.)

When it comes to designing your nursery, everyone's taste is different. Check out Everly's if you're looking for some baby girl inspo, but I recommend registering for furniture and decor on separately. I used a Pottery Barn Kids registry for that!

But Amazon is going to be your meat and potatoes... and trust me, there's a lot to choose from.

So, I've curated a list of my favorite things -- the ones I registered for and the ones I didn't, but wish I had. You can see the complete list on my Amazon Storefront, but let me explain some things here first...


-Blankets: You will be up to your eyeballs in blankets and swaddles. Do NOT bother registering for multiples! You'll see one package of swaddles that I included on this registry because I feel strongly that the big, muslin ones are the best and will last the longest. You'll also see a set of adjustable swaddle wraps for sleeping. Most babies will wriggle out of your amateur burrito wrap, but these velcro ones hold tight.

-Onesies: Unless you want very specific clothing items, don't bother registering for them. Everyone you know will be gifting you adorable onesies and impractical outfits, even months after you have the baby.

-Wipe Warmers: Babies do not need them. Worst case scenario: They become reliant on them and diaper changes on-the-go become impossible. Not worth it.

-Rock 'n Play: I know plenty of babies who have slept in these for months but with the recent recall, it's just not worth it.


-Lovevery: The Play Gym is so thoughtfully crafted for every stage in baby's development and comes with handy cards to walk you through the best ways to encourage your baby to use his or her burgeoning skills each week.

More than that, I can't recommend their Play Kit subscription highly enough. (You'll need to purchase it separately from the Play Gym.)

Just when I feel like Everly is getting in a groove with one toy, she's ready to tackle something new. Lovevery continues to keep me one step ahead of her with Montessori-based, high quality toys that meet her exactly where she's at in terms of development. (No, they haven't given me a thing for free. I just truly love them that much. In fact, none of this post is sponsored. You're just getting all my honest-to-goodness favorites.)

-The Bouncers: Without a doubt, the Baby Bjorn Bouncer has been the MVP in our house. Everly LOVES it and it's the No. 1 go-to spot for her when Mama's got her hands full. However, the cheap-o, colorful Fisher Price one has been a real solid pinch hitter. We don't even put batteries in it and Ev loves to look at the brightly colored, mesmerizing animals. It's inexpensive and a great secret weapon to keep in the closet.

-The Carriers: I personally use the Baby Bjorn (and it's great), but I have real serious FOMO about Ergobaby.

-The Loungers: You absolutely need the Boppy Infant Lounger. Baby will grow out of it in what seems like the blink of an eye, but I cannot express how crucial it is during the fourth trimester. When baby's not in your arms, they will live in that thing.

When it comes to the Dock a Tot, there are mixed opinions. I did not register for one, but caved and purchased it after seven weeks of not sleeping. (I know many moms who have done the same.) Everly hated her bassinet and would cry every time I placed her in it -- but the Dock a Tot was a life saver. If you plan to bed share, it's the best tool for the job. If you are staunchly opposed to bed sharing (as I definitely was), it's a help for napping and lounging as they grow out of the Boppy.

-The Strollers: I had heard from an extremely reliable source that the UPPAbaby system was, hands-down, the only way to go. We splurged on ours with help from our Amazon registry completion discount. I love it!!!

If you're looking for something more rugged, the Bumbleride Indie looks amazing and I've seen countless babies snoozing away comfortably in its big seat. If I could splurge on another, this would be it.

If you're constantly on the go, it does not get better than the Doona. It's tiny and compact, combining the car seat and stroller into one unit. Every time I travel, I wish I had this one.

I linked all three items on my registry, but choose which one will work best for your lifestyle!

-The Travel Crib: Our Baby Bjorn travel crib is versatile and a breeze to set up and tear down. The mesh sides make it a good safe place for baby to hang out in the living room if you can't actively watch them, and Everly sleeps well in it on the road if we drape some blankets over each side so she can't see out.

I've also included Graco's deluxe Pack 'n Play, which is a bear to set up and tear down, for homes with multiple levels. It's a great changing station and place for naps that you can set up on a separate floor from your nursery, but once it's up, you won't want to move it.

-Beaba Baby Cook: You'll be starting them on solids before you know it, and this tool makes prepping food such a breeze -- whether you're doing Baby-Led Feeding or purees. I love it and I regularly use both cook books listed on the registry. (Make sure to check out all the add-ons I included. They're all worth it, I promise!)

-Portable Changing Mat: I swapped out the flimsy mat that came with my diaper bag for this. It's a sturdy mat with pockets for diapers and wipes that you can pop in any bag, or pull out to make changes a breeze without hauling your whole bag around (on an airplane, for example).


-Breast Pumps: I use the Spectra S2 and love it, and I got it for free through my insurance on Aeroflow. (So, no need to register for it. Although you may want a carrying bag if you intend to pump while working.)

I do recommend getting an extra hand pump for nights out or when you just don't feel like busting out the electric pump (it really is a production). For some moms, their bodies actually respond better to a hand pump and they are able to get more milk out that way. I am also a big believer in the Hakkaa, which suctions on to your breast to draw out milk from the side you're not nursing on. It's a great way to catch extra milk in the beginning, when your supply is regulating itself, and can be used to start up a freezer stash with very little effort.

-Bottles and Pacis: You will need these, but you have no way of knowing what your baby will prefer. I had Dr. Brown's big newborn gift set -- and Everly hated it. In fact, she hated every bottle and pacifier I presented her with for many months. Now, she will only take Mam bottles with level two nipples, but she won't take Mam pacifiers. We've had some luck with the Natursutten (for breast fed babies, natural rubber nipples are often best after you've softened them in boiling water), but she mostly just uses it as a teether. Even if your baby refuses pacifiers, you'll still want plenty of paci clips to hang on to their teethers when the time comes.

-Bassinets: It's expensive and will last you six months, tops. If you are eyeing the UPPAbaby system, I'd recommend using that bassinet for both the stroller and on its corresponding stand for night time. If you end up moving baby to crib or co-sleeping, it's not a total loss.

-Baby Monitors: We use Infant Optics and it gets the job done. What I wish I registered for is the Nanit, which comes with a lot more bells and whistles, will sync up to your phone, and has a much higher price tag.

When it comes to the Owlet, monitoring baby's heart rate and oxygen levels may give many uneasy parents peace of mind about sleeping in separate rooms. (Or, hey, even if they're right next to you.) What I think is really cool about it, especially when sleep training, is that it also tracks their sleep cycles and will give you insight into what exactly is going on in their dreamy little heads.

In Conclusion:

This is only a portion of all the gear that babies require -- and I've got opinions on all of it. Check out my complete registry here and comment below or reach out on Instagram with any questions about what I've chosen and why! Welcoming a new baby can be daunting, and I'm always happy to help a new mama out.


Mom Needs Merlot

Strollin' with the homie in her UPPAbaby stroller and Skip Hop diaper bag.

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Sophie Schillaci
Sophie Schillaci
Apr 19, 2019

@ajshakarjian I am so happy to hear that!! <3 I will definitely be splurging on a few new things for No. 2, as well!


Apr 19, 2019

This list is so helpful! I'm already excited to have my next baby just to pick up a few of these essentials I didnt know about for my first 🙌

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